October 16th 2024, MP09, Graz, Austria
Holistic Digital Methodologies & Scientific Deep-Dives​
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GritLab 2024?

In its advanced form, a Digital Twin is a powerful dynamic engine.
Optimising Twins in two dimensions via simulation and prediction methods, the sector aims to unleash and leverage its full potential.


Yet, there are major challenges to be tackled, and tangible results are still rare in the railway industry


Let’s dive deeply, discuss, collaborate and challenge this multilayered Buzzword!


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Get Inspired

GRITLAB thrives on discussing valid arguments, examining a shared understanding of current industry challenges, terminologies and outlining collaborative solutions.

Great Speakers

This year’s event includes hosting three chronological masterclasses, various impulse statements and keynotes helping to break down barriers and fire discussions on terminologies, interfaces, and deployment of artefacts in IoT platforms.

Be Curious

Thanks to the commitment of high-profile decision-makers and the support of renowned industry leaders, we will contribute to a better understanding of Digital Twins and to further connect the strong community in our masterclasses.

Build Relationships

GRITLAB is on a mission to collaboratively empower the participants to come one step closer towards the ambitious goal of a fully integrated and digitised railway system.

Our Topics 2024


Keynote Speakers 2024



      Discuss - Develop - Challenge

      Also, this year, the masterclasses will be hosted by industry leaders. Our goal is to challenge and discuss these topics and develop research questions and use cases within these masterclasses. We want to move from the meta-level to tangible results and identify some of the most relevant and pressing use cases and deployment strategies.


      Complexity - The actual killer?

      Complexity - The actual killer?

      • Lead: SBB

      Ingolf Nerlich | Zacharias Kull

      Journey - Digital Train Twin in 24 months?

      Journey - Digital Train Twin in 24 months?

      • Lead: DB

      Bernd Luber | Josef Fuchs | Jonas Podszuweit

      Solutions - Silver lining on the horizon?

      Solutions - Silver lining on the horizon?

      • Lead: Siemens

      Thomas Moshammer | Dennis Becker




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